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  Summer 2010 - In this Issue; PaparazzoChewing the fat with Matt Moran, Cured Venison on WaldorfSalmon for catering occasions, Tuscan chicken salad, Spice me up Herbie,  Syrah – noblest of black grapes, Cookbook reviews.


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This month - Fusion from the heart, Bonjour Michel, México deliciosa, Traditional cookery skills, Kiwi chef going places , A helping hand.


Chewing the fat with Matt Moran

Australian celebrity chef Matt Moran talks about his new Sydney restaurant, vegetarianism, kangaroo meat, expensive watches and the best meal he has eaten this year. 

Chef Matt Moran admits he’s not a regular visitor to our shores, but thanks his first visit to New Zealand as a 14-year-old kid on a two-week rugby tour for kick-starting his career a chef. 

“The two-week college tour started in Christchurch and ended in Auckland. I got absolutely smashed, and that was the end of my football career. That’s why I took up cooking, I think.”


Antipodes Water

Cured Venison on Waldorf

A delicious recipe that brings together the tender, lean flavours and fine texture of New Zealand farmed venison with a crisp, crunchy salad.

Once a luxury export game meat, New Zealand farmed venison is readily available on our supermarket shelves in a choice of lean cuts to suit both budget and recipe, and available in a choice of cuts from ‘glamour’- like rib racks and tenderloin - to low-fat venison mince and stry-fry strips.


Salmon for catering occasions

Cooking salmon fillet this way is exceptionally easy to prepare and is an economical way of serving a delicious dish, hot or cold, to large groups. Great for summer picnics, outdoor dining, stand-up functions, or sit-down dining – this is a catering favourite.

A whole salmon fillet side will cater for six to eight people. We have also used half a fillet side – if you do buy a ‘half’, ask the fish supplier to cut off the tail end which will leaves an evenly-sized portion to bake.



Tuscan chicken salad

A delicious cold chicken salad recipe for all seasons and any occasions, and certainly a winner for a summer.

Use only the best ingredients in this Tuscan chicken salad and be rewarded with the most exquisite flavours for your summer table or picnic.


Spice me up Herbie

Ian Hemphill, Australasia’s foremost spice-and-herb expert, talked with Foodstyle about the colourful world of spices at the 2010 Hilton Brisbane Masterclass. 

The easiest way to demystify the world of spices and understand how to get the best use of them in your cooking is to get your hands on a good book.

The spice bible in this end of the world is written by Australian Ian Hemphill, better know as ‘Herbie’, a nickname bestowed on him at school because his parents ran a herb farm. Ian operates a major spice retail outlet (and online business) called Herbie’s Spices in Sydney, hosts spice discovery tours to exotic destinations such as India, and is the author of several award-wining cookbooks.


Champage Lady

A passion for Kiwi  Syrah

Gordon Russell, senior winemaker at Esk Valley in the Hawke’s Bay, explains his love and respect for New Zealand syrah. 

When Gordon Russell first started making wines for the Villa Maria group, beautiful, rich Australian shiraz was the wine currency of the day.  

“I never thought I would see the day when this country was making such exciting red wine from Syrah in Hawke’s Bay as we do now. 

“Shiraz to me always came from really warm Mediterranean-style climates such as they have in South Australia.



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