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Silver Fern Farms recipes

Spring lamb wellington

A play on the traditional ‘wellington’ recipe wrapping a choice meat cut in duxelles and pastry, this lamb dish makes smart use of the succulent loin.

These days you can buy your choice cuts of lamb already trimmed and ready to go. We have again used Silver Fern Farms products straight off the supermarket shelves and out the packet all ready to cook

There were two loins in our packet, costing around $10 each. We could have a good three servings out of each loin (comfortably two), which is good food costing....


Clams (cockles) with pasta
a Kiwi version

A simple classic from southern Italy, this clam and pasta recipe evokes Italian-American cuisine heritage and is a foregone prop for movies and TV series themed on New Jersey Italian society.

In this Kiwi version we feature fresh, in-the-shell Kiwi clams (cockles), a tomato-based sauce and a ribbon pasta. It sounds simple, but needs to be made with love and care to bring out its lip-smacking flavours.

We food writers get into serious conversations about ‘national cuisines’. Does New Zealand have one? Our food fashions don’t stop long enough to develop one, and national and regional cuisines stopped evolving as global transportation (and trade) developed and the cuisine world shrunk...


Champage Lady

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Nature’s multi-vitamin salad

Vegetables don’t get any more healthful than kale, which comes in more shapes and varieties than you can poke a pair of salad tongs at.

Unfortunately Kiwis, unless they are health nuts, stay clear of this leafy vegetable and it is not commonly found on retail shelves. You need to ask at farmers’ markets and specialist organic vege shops, but it does grow like topsy in the backyard.

Kale is a firm, leafy green vegetable related to the cabbage family and is one of our oldest domestic green vegetables. There are a number of green and purple coloured varietals; most with a crinkly leaf texture. Kale is hugely nutritional (stacked full of minerals, vitamins and fibre) and often blended into health drinks.


Why Raymond loves ducks

Raymond Tang talks to Alan Titchall about how he came to New Zealand as an international financial adviser and ended up a successful Auckland restaurateur.

Raymond looks very relaxed for someone who owns a couple of the busiest Hong Kong style eateries in Auckland and has been in the food service business for over two decades. His story is so typical of immigrants who arrive in little New Zealand to find themselves over-qualified and then find success in another career through hard graft and investing wisely. And he didn’t choose his business path in the restaurant business, the local duck industry did.

Raymond knows something about wise investment because in 1980 he graduated from a US university with a masters’ degree in international finance.



Sealord Atlantic Salmon

Squid Cantonese style 

The word  ‘crisp’ gets the taste buds juicing far more than a food writer’s arsenal of adjectives, and no one gets food more crispy than a Cantonese chef cooking up a number of venerable recipes from Hong Kong and Southern China. By Alan Titchall.

Chef Lau at Love a Duck (also known as BBQ shop Chinese) in Dominion Road, Auckland cooks Foodstyle magazine a dish of traditional crispy squid.

Warning - do not try this deep-frying technique at home using a wok; it requires years of skill and chef Lau’s career is already into its third decade. To cook this at home use a deep fat fryer where the hot temperatures can be accurately, and safely, controlled with a thermostat.


Coffee Systems
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Book Reviews

Three worthy cookbooks on the retail shelves reviewed by Alan Titchall.

The Modern Vegetarian
Maria Elia, Kyle Books (New Holland), September 2012.

Bangers to Bacon
Jeremy Schmid, New Holland, August 2012.

Salmon Cookbook
Paula Ahlsen Soder, New Holland, August 2012

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