Foodstyle Magazine - Winter 2012

  Winter 2012 - In this Issue PaparazzoNew Zealand fish and squid saladWhisky with food pairingsCatching up with Michael MeredithClam chowder supreme, Turkish eggs for breakfast, Book review.

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Snaps and casual photos around  interesting cuisine tourism venues.

This issue - A remarkable foodie, Japanese platters, Otago wine heritage, Mezze’s 20th birthday, Bacon heritage, Home cured.


Sealord Atlantic Salmon

New Zealand fish and squid salad

If you can’t get to the Pacific islands to warm up those winter blues, bring a touch of sunshine cuisine to your dining table this winter with this tropically inspired salad of squid and white fish.

Every tropical island in the Pacific has a version of this salad under various names; from kokoda in Fiji to Kilaw in the Philippines and Micronesia, poisson cru in French Polynesia, and it is a close relation, recipe-wise, to the ceviche raw fish dish from Peru where fish is marinated with lime and herbs.

Our recipe is also replicated from the early 1980s when it was used at Flamingo’s Restaurant in Herne Bay...


House of Knives

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Whisky with food pairings

Whisky food pairings are a growing and exciting trend. The extraordinary variations in flavours and aromas created by the wonderful world of whisky make this venerable drink a versatile food accompaniment by enhancing flavours, or simply working in taste bud symphony.

Next time you sit down to a duck dish order a dram of peat-smoked, single malt whisky instead of a wine to drink with your serving, and appreciate the marriage of flavours.

Pop a fresh oyster in your mouth with a mouthful of smoky single malt from, say, the Scottish West Coast island of Islay, and enjoy a symbiotic exchange of flavour you will not find with wine. Savour a dram of Glenlivet from the Scottish Highlands with a sweet dessert such as an almond and chocolate tart and experience a new world of food and beverage pairings.


Catching up with Michael Meredith

Chef Michael Meredith fulfilled a long-held dream when he opened his namesake restaurant in Auckland. Foodstyle catches up with him five years later. By Alan Titchall.

Before opening Meredith’s on Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Michael Meredith had already carved out a hot reputation as an executive chef in such Auckland culinary institutions as Vinnies and The Grove, where one of his big fans was chef Peter Gordon. Having trained under the likes of Tony Astle of Antoine’s and David Griffin (ex Vinnies), he had also gathered valuable work experience stints at top restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney and New York.



Clam chowder supreme 

You can make a delicious clam-based chowder without really trying because someone else has done the hard work for you. Read on….

Southern Clams, the good folks from Dunedin who produce those delectable littleneck clams you can buy in string bags in supermarkets such as Pak’n Save, sent us their clam chowder product, which is currently only produced for the hospitality service industry.

The clams (commonly called cockles in New Zealand because we like to ape the Poms) are hand-harvested from the cold water of the southern east coast of Otago and they have a flavour of their own; shucked fresh and combined with quality dairy products and New Zealand fish to produce a seafood chowder that would challenge a traditional New England style clam chowder recipe.


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Turkish eggs for breakfast

Move over Eggs Benedict lovers for the latest poached egg dish to be found on trend-setting cafe and bistro menus – eggs covered with a dollop of tangy yoghurt and a splash of hot chilli-flavoured butter.

Chef Angus McLean at Queenies cafe in Freemans Bay, Auckland, admits he got his inspiration for his Turkish eggs while working at Peter Gordon’s The Providores restaurant and tapas bar in London.

And Peter Gordon was obviously inspired by a similar dish at Changa restaurant in Istanbul, in which the Kiwi celebrity chef has an interest. At The Providores, the dish is made up of two poached organic eggs, whipped yoghurt and hot chilli butter with sourdough or seeded granary toast. 


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Book Review

A Southern Woman’s Kitchen
Joan Bishop, Random House, June 2012.  

From her own home kitchen in the deep south, Suzanne Middleton rejoices over Joan Bishop’s new cookbook of recipes previously published in the Otago Daily Times; treasured recipes often lost even in the most Beetonesque of householdstakes.

In the late 1970s, when I was a new mother struggling with questions about identity and domesticity, a friend from La Leche confided that she often put a pot of boiling water on the stove just before her husband walked in the door early evening, hoping that the steamy ambience would give the illusion of a hot dinner on its way.