Foodstyle Magazine - Autumn 2013

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Seafood & vegetable broth

Using squid, prawns and crabmeat poached in a seafood broth with vegetables, this recipe is as delicate, flavoursome, and healthful as it can get.

This recipe is also simple and flexible, although it needs loving preparation, like the venison and vegetable broth recipe also featured in this issue. 

Take care to cut vegetables into portions that will blanch/cook quickly in the stock.


Talking seafood with Shane Yardley

The country is blessed with a generation of New Zealand chefs who are hitting their straps with a cuisine that can be defined as distinctly Kiwi. Shane Yardley is one of them.

Their names have become synonymous with the country’s best eateries and menus and a number have already been profiled in this magazine, such as Michael Meredith, Jeremy Schmid and Jonny Schwass.

Shane Yardley is of the same vintage, trained in Auckland and having worked for some years with the Nourish Group where Simon Gault, of NZ MasterChef fame, is executive chef. The group owns Euro restaurant on Auckland’s Princes Wharf, the Jervois Steak House (also in Auckland) and Bistro Lago in the Hilton Lake Taupo (featured in our spring 2011 issue).


Clams three ways

A haul of fat, juicy New Zealand little neck clams (cockles) was sent our way from the Otago harbour for this issue and we had a lot of fun making three easy casual recipes, including the Kiwi classic – a bowl full of clams steamed open in wine, tossed in lemon butter and parsley and served with white bread.

The other two recipes are clams topped with a different flavoured mornay sauce and a Louisiana style ‘po-boy’ made up of frittered shucked clams.

Kiwi clams have a delicate, sweet flesh that is not to be confused with pipis which are chewier, or even mussels which have a stronger flavour.


Silver Fern Farms recipes

Venison & vegetable potage 


This is another in the ‘broth’ style of recipe that is similar to the seafood broth also in this issue. We have used one of our favourite meats, New Zealand farmed venison, but you can use any prime meat cut of lamb or beef.

Like the seafood broth, this dish is as delicate and healthful as it gets and also simple and flexible; all the work is in the preparation.

Take care to cut vegetables into portions that will blanch/cook quickly in the stock.

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Rum flavour lashings

Premium aged rum pairs exceptionally well with sweet treats of complementary flavours. If you are a rum lover, read on. By Alan Titchall.

We all know rum makes great cocktails and punches, but it is also a sipping spirit when distilled in pot stills similar to those used to produce cognacs and whiskies, and aged in charred oak casks for extended periods. 

These rums, including the very sippable Appleton Estate 12 Year Old we used for our tasting, feature a broad spectrum of flavours. Appleton Estate is the oldest rum distillery on the island of Jamaica and, arguably, the best cane spirits come from the birthplace of rum and the barbecue – the Caribbean.