Foodstyle Magazine - Spring 2013

  Spring 2013 - In this Issue Spring lamb dumplingsA tomato salad for all occasions Barbecue lessons from ArgentinaCheese and smoked salmon bread pudding.

Spring lamb dumplings

There’s no dish trendier than Asian-style dumplings at the moment, and a large number of the nation’s newer, casual eateries have picked up on this trend; such as the Blue Breeze Inn on Auckland’s Ponsonby Rd.

They are tasty, not difficult to make, pack a flavour punch with the right ingredients and condiments, and are fun to eat.

The most common Asian meat dumplings use a pork or prawn mixture, but we have designed a ‘Kiwi’ take on this traditional recipe mix and used premium lamb mince. We also recommend using quality farmed venison mince.


A tomato salad for all occasions

It is often the simplest of dishes that are the most flavorsome and appealing, as long as you stick to one rule – use quality ingredients and work that dressing.

This tomato-based salad could not be simpler to prepare, as long as you pick your tomatoes carefully, going for variety and flavour.

Our tomato ensemble is complemented with mozzarella cheese, basil, capers, olives and a full-flavoured olive oil dressing.

It might sound Italian, but most ingredients, such as the cheese, we used for this dish were produced in New Zealand, or at least in this region. Good buffalo mozzarella cheese is produced in Auckland by Clevedon Valley Buffalo Cheeses & Yoghurt...


Barbecue lessons from Argentina

Now that you are getting the barbecue ready for the warmer months, here are a few lessons from a nation even more passionate about grilled meats than we are, and a tasty oil dressing to put on your BBQ offerings.  

Corra Anselmi learnt his chef skills in Mendoza city, located in the northern-central part of the Mendoza Province of Argentina – the home of South American wine making and cattle farming. He was occasionally hired by the New Zealand Embassy over there and got his first taste of ‘Kiwi’. 

Arriving here eight years ago, Corra worked around the country in different restaurants before settling on Waiheke Island in Auckland’s Gulf Harbour, and calling New Zealand home. Last year he opened El Sizzling Chorizo at the new and very trendy Ponsonby Central food complex on Ponsonby Road, and it became an instant hit among meat lovers; well most of them anyway.


Cheese and smoked salmon bread pudding

It wouldn’t be right not to feature asparagus in some form with our spring issue and we serve this seasonal vegetable with a variation on a heritage cheese and bread ‘pudding’ recipe.

This cheese pudding is essentially a baked terrine of cheese and bread bound in an egg/milk mixture, and is inspired by Kiwi culinary icon Tui Flower (profiled in our summer 2011 issue) who presented something very similar as a ‘baked cheese sandwich’ in her recipe book, self Raising Flower.

Having spent a lot of time in the US in her early food career, Tui Flower acknowledged at the time that this dish was also known (and popularised) back in the post-war days as a ‘Duncan Hines sandwich’– he was an American pioneer of restaurant ratings for travellers, and his name lives on in a brand of food products.