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Stuffed lamb loin 

This dish is intended to be inspirational in demonstrating stuffing a prime cut of meat with flavours. Yes, the technique does involve some fussy preparation, but this is a rewardingly complex prime meat dish that is equally tasty served hot or cold.

While you would normally associate stuffing mixtures with slow-roasted cuts of lamb, this recipe uses a prime lamb cut, and works well with other prime meats such as farmed venison loin and fillet.

We have used lamb loin – trim and lean – for our demonstration recipe, but lamb fillet and even rump will work just as well.


Changes to the recipe book game

Cookbook publishing is led by printing technology and recent advances have opened up new opportunities for budding authors to self-publish. By Alan Titchall.

I am in that Mecca for foodies ¬– Cook the Books, on Richmond Road in Grey Lynn, Auckland – New Zealand’s first store dedicated solely to books on the culinary arts.

Owner Michael O’Driscoll doesn’t hesitate when I ask him if he sells many self-published titles.

“Oh yeah,” he says making a beeline to a well-stocked shelf and pointing to Annabel Langbein’s books, the obvious success among the growth of self-marketing over the past decade.


Salmon on green

This hot-smoked salmon and cucumber sauce dish is succulent, very tasty, visual and even bad-fat free – perfect for summer as they say in the designer food mags.

Home-smoked salmon, or any fish and shellfish for that matter, eaten reasonably quickly after cooking, is usually a huge improvement on commercial products. Try and buy a piece of salmon fillet of even thickness at the head ‘end’.\

Electric smokers are affordable and do the job very well. For this recipe we used an Anuka branded domestic electric hot smoker, bought at a specialist food store.

While these small (yet handy) smokers will both smoke and cook fish fillets, and perhaps very small cuts of meat, they will only generate enough heat to ‘flavour’ and only partly cook (say 25 percent) thick pieces of meat...


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Beyond the flat white

Next time a recipe calls for a cup of beef or vegetable stock – use a cup of brewed coffee instead. Ground and crushed roasted coffee beans add a robust bitterness and acidity that balances over flavours in both savoury and sweet dishes.

From baked bean recipes, barbecue sauces, marinades, rubs, cakes and desserts there is a place for a brew of good coffee to add flavour depth and a caffeinated kick.

Coffee meat rub
For a BBQ meat rub mix these ingredients in your spice blender and grind to a fine powder: 

2 tbsp of your favourite coffee beans; 2 tsp black peppercorns; 2 tsp brown sugar; 1tbsp sea salt; 2 tsp paprika; ½ tbsp granulated garlic and 1 tsp chilli powder. 


Summer snapper two ways

Steamed or poached fish doesn’t get a fair go like it used to last century. Yes – you don’t want to over-cook your fish as it will turn to glue, but for purity of flavour and texture – these techniques can’t be beat.

Even today, poached and steamed fish is a rare offering among Kiwi eateries and poaching/steaming has become an endangered art. Yet this is a great way of cooking delicate meats and you can impart subtle flavouring through the poaching stock.

We have two delectable recipes for your summer fishing loot (as long as it is white fish); both steamed and served with a tasty sauce.

A couple of important things. If poaching fish you should add to the poaching liquid (which must covers the fish/fillet) flavour – with vegetables, herbs and spices, so look up an old recipe book for a poaching stock recipe...

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