Foodstyle Magazine - Autumn 2014

  Autumn 2014 - In this Issue Steak and saladA homecoming - talking with chef Stephen TindallSquid and paua risottoSoft-brewed coffee, Three classic pasta dishes.

Steak and salad

We got hold of the new range of premium, aged beef cuts from Silver Fern Farms and used them in a couple of retro steak recipes.

South Island-based Silver Fern Farms already has a reputation for its premium lamb and venison products that feature in many recipes in this magazine.

The company now sells a new range of aged beef products that are the result of a quality grading system that it has developed over the past two years.

We Kiwis are often ignored at home by exporters when it comes to getting hold of quality produce destined for overseas markets, so it great to see this meat producer launch a high-quality beef product range on both the domestic and overseas markets at the same time.


A homecoming - talking with chef Stephen Tindall

Alan Titchall catches up with Te Awa Winery chef Stephen Tindall after he returned from Australia to spend the past summer re-launching the restaurant’s menu.

The 50-hectare Te Awa Winery, a picturesque single estate vineyard in Hawke’s Bay, was bought last year by Villa Maria - New Zealand’s most awarded wine company.

Te Awa winery is located in a unique wine-growing district called Gimblett Gravels – a 800 hectare area of gravelly soils laid down by an old river – and makes some of the world’s finest full-bodied red wines.


Squid & paua risotto

This squid dish is based on a paua risotto recipe that features in our spring 2010 issue. The risotto is stuffed into squid tubes and served with a lemon and caper butter sauce. Yes, this recipe is a challenge, but the flavours are just superb.

Costing around $100 a kilo paua is expensive, but this recipe makes a single paua (the one we used cost us $30) go a long way to flavouring a lot of rice. Squid tubes, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive, and you can’t beat New Zealand arrow squid for flavour.


Coffee Systems

Coffee for connoisseurs

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Soft-brewed coffee

There’s a new, soft-brew, coffee-making method that could take hot-milk-based espresso drinkers time to adjust to, but is slowly gaining a status in our best cafes. By Alan Titchall.

On the counter of your local cafe you might notice a small contraption on the counter made of glass that is dripping iced water into a 750ml flask through a beaker of coffee grounds.

Welcome to the ‘third’ wave of coffee culture that has arrived on our shores and is challenging our coffee drinking habits as the demand for soft-brewing drinks grow.


Three classic pasta dishes 

There’s more crazy pasta recipes online these days than silly cupcakes, so we have singled out three Italian classics.

Whether an inspiring home cook or a professional – learn these three original pasta dishes (two meat and one vegetarian) and you can afford to forget the rest.

A lot of nonsense is discussed about dried and fresh pasta, and whether it should have a ‘bite’ (al dente). Cook it how you like  it’s only flour and water and sometimes a little egg.