Foodstyle Magazine - Summer 2014

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BBQ lamb teriyaki

This simple, prime lamb recipe is based on Japanese ‘teriyaki’ cooking where foods are grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar. Teriyaki (teri means shiny) cooking has spread around the world in a thousand and one non traditional guises. In Japan, teriyaki is associated with chicken, and perhaps tuna, while outside of Japan any prime meat is acceptable.


Beef in lettuce leaves

A summer dish from Southeast Asia adapted to summer Downunder.

Larb (lawb), a dish from Laos and northern Thailand, is basically a minced meat salad - easy to make and very tasty, thanks to the sweet and sour sauce.


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Classic ginger loaf

This delicious ginger loaf is served at Forage Cafe in Dominion Road, Auckland and we present the recipe as the first of two ground ginger-based recipes from the country’s baking heritage.

Around 60 years ago Kiwi recipes using ground ginger spice sprung up everywhere – ginger beer, ginger ale, gingerbread, ginger loaf, and that kiwi baking classic of classics - ginger crunch.


The making of an iconic Kiwi restaurant

Oyster Bar Depot Eatery, biography of a restaurant (with recipes). By Al Brown, Random House, 2014. Reviewed by Alan Titchall.

There are very few non-specialised recipe books that I get excited about and this one of them.

Depot, biography of a restaurant (with recipes) is hard cover book, 340 pages long and made up of a collection of didactic ramblings, images and recipes that reflect on the success of the Oyster Bar Depot Eatery on Federal Street, operated by Al Brown and one of many food venues on the huge Skycity patch in Auckland’s CBD.