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Mick’s winter soup

This superb recipe idea was pinched from an old friend and passionate cook who resides in Nelson. Mind you, we have tarted it up a lot, so no apologies Mick.

What you need:
Broccoli stems trimmed
500ml chicken stock
Bacon bits – grilled until crunchy
Ciabata (or similar bread) - toasted
100g sourcream
50g blue cheese
Seasoning – a lot

Boil broccoli stems in the stock until tender. Place in whizzer while still hot with half of the chicken stock and blend smooth. You need to taste and season with salt and pepper.

While the broccoli stems are cooking – grill bacon bits until crunchy and fry (or grill) large bread croutons in a little oil until all sides are golden.

Blend half of the blue cheese into the sourcream until smooth.

To serve: Plate broccoli puree straight into warm soup bowls and dribble sourcream over the top then sprinkle on bacon  pieces and rest of the crumbled blue cheese. Finally, stick a crouton into the soup or place on the edge of the plate.

Winter 2015 

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