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Lamb and aubergine

Our version of classic Mediterranean flavours, combing the sweetness of roasted egg plant with prime lamb loin, marinated feta cheese, and a big dose of mint..

Most eggplant/lamb dishes you see on the Web look like a dog's breakfast in terms of presentation. Not this one. Just take care to co-ordinate the preparation and cooking of the separate recipe ingredients, so it all comes together hot on the serving plate. 

Prepare in advance
Feta cheese block (we used a 150g pack of creamy, Danish-style, Bouton d'or). Cut into 12 small blocks and marinate in half a cup of good olive oil with the zest of one lemon and a heaped tbsp of finely chopped fresh mint.

The dressing
Two tubs of plain Greek yoghurt, juice of one lemon (to thin it down), a 1 tbsp of lemon zest, and 1 tbsp of finely chopped mint.

The eggplants
One half eggplant per serving: Cut lengthways. Rub the tops with olive oil, grounded rock salt and black pepper, and a season mix of your choice (we used Moroccan). If you can buy dried crispy onion flakes in your area (Asian outlets) – then sprinkle them on top.

Bake in an oven at 200c for around 30 minutes, until brown on top. Use a skewer to probe the flesh, as the cooking time will depend on the size of the eggplant. While these are cooking prepare and cook the lamb.

Lamb loin
This is the easiest part. One Silver Fern Farm lamb loin packet will go a long way and provide four servings for this recipe. There are two loins per pack; trimmed and ready to rock and roll.
Rub loins with olive oil and the same spice rub you used on top of the eggplant.

Cook as per instructions on the pack - 3 minutes in a hot pan either side, and you can't go wrong for medium (as photographed). Let rest for 5 minutes. Then cut each loin down the middle, length-ways, and then across into 8 even chunks (see picture). You get two servings per loin.

The ensemble
Place a serving spoon into the freshly baked eggplant flesh at the big end of the vegetable, and gently dig under the flesh and lift to one side (as pictured). Place a few feta cubes into the depression left in the skin; then four lamb loin cubes.

Spoon over a drizzle of mint yoghurt.

Pantry-shopping check list
Lamb loins
Feta cheese
Greek yoghurt
Moroccan seasoning
Dried onion flakes (optional)
Olive oil


Summer 2015

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