Foodstyle Magazine - Winter 2015

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Venison with poached tamarillos

This recipe is inspired by one from the early 19th century called ‘Venison Steak Diane’ where the meat was served with stewed fruits. The ‘Diane’ in the name refers to the Roman God of the hunt, and no relation to the mid 20th century American Steak Diane recipe with its cream-based brandy sauce.

As with the pepper steak recipe in the autumn 2015 issue, we make the sauce separately and in advance. Use fruits that are in season. As we made this for the winter 2015 issue – we had the choice of citrus, persimmon, rhubarb and, of course, tamarillo (or tree tomato).


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Melbourne food treats

Heading to Melbourne? Read through our small selection of cuisine venues unique to this foodie city.

Red Spice, McKillop Street, CBD
A bookable restaurant with a modern ‘fusion’ South East Asian style menu. The place is bigger than it looks from the outside and features large, long communal tables and an informal ‘exotic’ atmosphere. We tried and liked (along with numerous food critics): Twice cooked crispy lamb ribs, and chilli jam (stunning); Pork belly, apple slaw, chilli caramel, and black vinegar; Pickled tea leaf salad, sesame, peanuts, tomato, and wombok (Chinese cabbage); Tiger beer battered soft shell crab, steamed buns, sriracha mayo, and pickled veg.


Beef eye fillet with rich tomato sauce

This is a recipe for the adventurous. The challenging part is the rich tomato sauce – it takes at least four hours, so make it in advance. While labour-intensive, this is a sauce that involves both fast stove-top and slow cooking techniques, caramelising, reduction, and seasoning – so it is good training, and will provide the same satisfaction as making stock on a lazy, rainy day.

The meat
Cook the meat last. We used Silver Fern Farms Beef tenderloin eye fillet – one serving should satisfy three diners. Before cooking, take the meat from packet and rest for 10 minutes.


Mick’s winter soup

This superb recipe idea was pinched from an old friend and passionate cook who resides in Nelson. Mind you, we have tarted it up a lot, so no apologies Mick.

What you need:
Broccoli stems trimmed
500ml chicken stock
Bacon bits – grilled until crunchy
Ciabata (or similar bread) - toasted.
100g sourcream
50g blue cheese
Seasoning – a lot