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Left-over savoury terrine

Left-over meats during the summer are unavoidable and there numerous recipes, such as the classic Shepherd's Pie, to make those day-old cooked proteins live again in terms of flavour. This is a straight forward recipe for using 'leftovers' from any occasion - be it meats such as ham, vegetables or both.

In the spring 2013 issue of this magazine we made a similar baked terrine using smoked salmon and related to the old ‘Duncan Hines sandwich’ from America. This is another version based on old bread and custard recipe to 'contain'  the protein into a terrine or savoury loaf.

For this recipe the 'bread' we used is left over cheese scones which, soaked in a custard, hold the ham, bacon, spinach and grated cheese in this dish, which is what we had left-over in the fridge on the day.

But anything goes in terms of ingredients, and think of chopped herbs and other flavours to add. 

Because of the scones our terrine was also quite dry. If you wanted a 'wetter' terrine simply use more custard mixture.

Cheese scones
Edam cheese grated
Egg yolks
Red pepper (cut into fine strips
Spinach (pre-cooked from a package)
Left over meats and vegetables

Note we have not given measurements because like all good puddings, ingredient quantities depend on how big the dish is.

Make a raw custard mixture from the seasoned cream and egg yolks. Ours was a mixture of 250ml of cream and three egg yolks, beaten, and we added what was left of tube of parsley paste found in the fridge.

Turn the scones on their edge and cut into wide slices. Layer into a buttered container (a terrine dish is good, but any oven proof dish, depending on the shape and size of the serving you want). In between each layer, sprinkle grated cheese, spinach and a layer of ham. Build another layer of scone, bacon, cheese and spinach, and a final third layer of ham, spinach and cheese. Pour half the custard mixture evenly over the surface. Finish top with a layer of scone and evenly pour over the rest of the custard. Make sure top layer is moist and sprinkle a layer of grated cheese over the top. Leave it to stand in the fridge at least one hour or longer.

Bake at 160 until puffed up and golden.

Serve hot or cold as a slice with lemon hollandaise (5 parts butter; 1 part yolk; 1 part lemon juice), gherkins, and perhaps a serving of summer salad featured in this issue?


Summer 2016-2017

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