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Fancy sandwiches for fancy occasions 

These three 'cocktail sandwich' recipes are taken from the venerable kitchen books of Foodstyle Catering and they have been produced in their thousands for over a quarter of a century. Called 'Baby Clubs' they have been one of the most popular finger-food items on the menu.

These are triple-decker – meaning three slices of bread and two separate fillings. They don't need the ubiquitous 'tooth pick' to hold them together as the fillings, made of natural products, 'glue' the segments together. All three are also 'firmed' with thin slices of cucumber (side pictures 1 and 2). If you don't like cucumber – move on.

Use a mandoline (side picture 1) to slice your cucumbers and watch your finger tips!
Make all these sandwiches with thin white sandwich bread. You need three buttered slices for each sandwich to build up two layers, then carefully cut off the crusts, and slice into three lengths equal. Then cut each of these lengths into two to make six 'baby clubs' per 'sandwich'.

Smoked salmon & cream cheese (side picture 6).
Use quality cold smoked salmon pre sliced. The cream cheese is flavoured (mixed) with wasabi paste – how much is up to you – but not too hot.

Then on first slice place a layer of smoked salmon. The next slice of buttered bread goes on top of the salmon. Top this slice with fine slices of cucumber then spread a generous layer of wasabi cream cheese on top of the cucumber slices. Add the top bread slice on top. Carefully cut of crusts. Cut into 'baby' clubs' as explained before.

Chicken & mayo (side picture 4)
Poach chicken breasts and wait until they are cold. Whiz them in a food processors until you have a 'crumb-like' mixture. Add mayonnaise (your choice) until this mixture is 'moist' and sticky but not too wet. Season with salt, pepper, and finely grated lemon rind.

Plaster a thick layer of this chicken mixture over the buttered base bread, place a second bread slice  on top, then a generous layer of thinly cut cucumber – season with black pepper. Place the last buttered bread slice on on top. Cut as above.

Ham & egg mayo (side pictures 3 and 5)
Chop up hard boiled eggs and mix in a dollop of mayo (your choice) until mixture is moist, but not too wet. Season and add chopped up chives

Use thin slices of quality ham. Layer the base bread with slices of ham (be generous) and a smear of mustard (your choice, but hot English is good). On the second bread slice place a layer of cucumber and a generous layer of egg mayo mixture.

The last buttered bread slice goes on top. Carefully cut off crusts and divide into baby clubs.

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