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Steak with blue-cheese butter

Eye-fillet steak with butter flavoured with blue cheese is as classic as it gets, and for good reason – it tastes so good (as long as you are a meat eater), and is surprisingly easy to cook if you follow a few basic steak-cooking rules.

This meat cut, eye-fillet, is the easiest cut to cook and the most tender of all beef cuts. Accordingly, it is the most expensive cut. In New Zealand eye-fillet costs between $35 and $50 a kilogram so treat it with respect. We have used Silver Fern Farms which is aged and fully trimmed and ready to rock. The product is packaged as Tenderloin Eye Fillet and it comes as one piece of meat. Cut it in half for two servings.

Take your steaks out of the fridge before you cook them and bring them up to room temperature.  Season them with salt and pepper (side picture 1)

Make the blue cheese butter. Use NZ blue cheese of course.

We have used 100g of Mainland creamy blue. Mash the cheese with a fork into about 30g of room temperature butter until evenly combined. Mould into a log shape on a piece of baking paper and roll up in the paper and twist the ends so you have a fat cigar shape (side pictures 2 and 3). Chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

When you are ready to cook your steaks, get your pan/skillet hot, without getting dangerous, because you need to sear the meat (side picture 4), not stew it in its own steam. Use a little neutral oil in the bottom of skillet to stop the meat from sticking. Before cooking, take butter out of the fridge, unwrap and cut into thick medallions.

The meat surface will look worse than it is, but it will provide a crisp outside while containing the juices inside the steak.

Cook for 3.5 minutes (medium rare). Turn steaks over. After one minute place a medallion of butter on the top of each.

Serve each portion with a fresh medallion of blue cheese butter on the top if need be.
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